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Whether it is "I Ching" or other divination process, there is a long history and tradition of people from cultures around the world seeking guidance by connecting with the universe. There is a natural energy, a Lifeforce, that surrounds us that can help let us make better decisions for our life if we have the proper means to access it.


Using Lifeforce patented process can also help you clarify your true desires and intentions. Lifeforce does not give definite answers, rather suggests directions to consider. It can be a powerful tool for many of life’s decisions.

"It’s spirituality meets technology. Lifeforce’s patented process gives people an ability to access the energy around them in a way never before possible."

Marie Lise Lavoie & Gerard Muise
Lifeforce Creators



We are all part of an invisible field of energy that creates and connects everything. Lifeforce accesses that energy using your own individual choices to determine the outcome and provides the guidance you seek.

You are free to choose or take any natural photo you want and touch it anywhere on the screen.  For best results, avoid asking questions that require absolute Yes or NO answers.  Rather ask more directional questions like:


  • 62% negative
  • 80% positive
  • 25% positive

Based on your very individual choices, Lifeforce determines a directional outcome either positive or negative. The scale ranges from 100% positive to 100% negative. All answers will be some where in-between these two end points.

A more negative result may mean you might want to reconsider your decision or delay it, while a more positive result could suggest that you should act on the question you posed.


Ask as many questions as you wish and enhance your experience by keeping a record of your link with the Universe; what you asked, when and with what image.


Once you have your result, share your guidance on Facebook or Twitter.




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May Lifeforce guide you.